Established in 2000, Pomegranate Design & Development, LLC is a real estate development and consulting firm. We offer comprehensive development advising services to homeowners, homebuyers, small-business owners, nonprofit organizations, and residential and commercial investment property buyers who are interested in purchasing, leasing, or further developing their property.

At Pomegranate, we help our clients determine what is possible given their budget, goals, and the particulars of their situation. We evaluate the potential of our clients' existing properties or new purchases, analyze development directions, assess what can be built on their property, and determine the best financing structure for their needs. We offer advice on the myriad issues which impact real estate projects, helping clients avoid obstacles and take advantage of available opportunities. From the purchase of a first home to the creation of a multi-unit development project, we help our clients gain a comprehensive understanding of their potential real estate project.

In order to provide the fullest possible service to our clients, we offer in-house architecture services and work with a team of proven professionals including real estate attorneys, certified public accountants, real estate brokers, and permit consultants. Our consulting projects represent a variety of residential and commercial building types including single-family homes, apartment buildings, offices, retail spaces, and mixed-use projects. Our practice also includes the purchase, development, and management of a portfolio of residential and commercial real estate.